Issues in New Media Manifesto

This manifesto project explores an ethical dilemma or matter of social injustice created, or made worse by technology or new media. The final manifesto must draw on at least four course readings and five external sources to:

  • identify a current ethical issue or social injustice,
  • explain how it is created or made worse by new media,
  • describe why it is an important issue in our modern world,
  • identify who is affected by the issue
  • propose how the issue might be alleviated,
  • and provide details about how public advocacy will play a role.

This assignment is scaffolded over the course of the semester and takes place in the following steps:

  • Mid-semester: Manifesto Outline and Bibliography
  • Before Finals: Manifesto Presentation
  • During Finals: Final Manifesto Paper

Courses: Principles of New Media

Author: Laurie Hurson, The Graduate Center, CUNY